• Our Registration Process

    To enroll your child at ASN, the following should be followed:

    • Parents should visit the nursery for a ‘tour’ with the child for an informal meeting;
    • Parents will collect a Registration Form and can submit it along with AED 1000 non- refundable Registration Fee. This will hold the child’s seat for 2 weeks only (Parents may pay the other charges on full enrollment);
    • If joining the waiting list, a deposit of AED 1000 should be submitted along with the Waiting List/ Registration Form.

    Upon confirmation of child’s placement at the nursery, the following documents need to be submitted:

    All forms are also available from the Nursery.


    Registration and Medical Fees are non-refundable and no refund or discount is given to children who are absent for any reason during the term, or leave before the end of the term. Medical fees are payable per annum at the beginning of each school year and are non-refundable. ASN requires all the fees to be paid in full two weeks prior to start dates. Late payments will incur a penalty of AED 1000 and the risk of loss of placement. Cheques and cash are accepted means of payment for fees.

  • Graduation at ASN